Meet New People

Meet people in your area and be Friendable! Whether you like trying out new restaurants, group bike rides, bar hopping, or finding local events to attend, Friendable makes it easy to connect with new people who share similar interests.

Event Guide

Find events in your area to hang out with your new friends. Friendable uses your location and makes it easy for you to find the hottest events to attend. Check out local concerts or other events and go with your new friends!

Meet Up

Make new friends with Friendable? Hangout with them by setting up your own events and meet friends in your area! Choose your location and add details of what you want to do. From getting drinks to seeing a movie, Friendable lets you play your own events to attend.

Chat with Friends

Get to know who’s Friendable around you by starting your own conversations. Chat with people near you by sending messages, photos and videos! Talk about anything you want through Friendable’s private messenger.

Send Gifts

Everyone loves gifts! Send all your friends virtual gifts! Send your friends stickers of candy, drinks and more to make their day. You can share the love with anyone on Friendable.